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konseal® range of high quality PVC products are brought to you by one of South India's... Read More

PVC Conduits

konseal® PVC Conduits conforming to IS : 9537 are perfect for electrical applications, because of PVC's resistance to breakdown under high electrical voltage. It is also a poor conductor of electricity. konseal® range of conduits are resistant to weathering, chemical rotting, corrosion, shock and abrasion. Manufactured on fully automated machines, konseal® PVC Conduits are made of impact modifying, insulating compounds, mixed at 140° C in high speed mixers. With stringent quality control measures in place, it is no wonder that the product meets BIS Standards and is ISI certified

pvc channels

PVC Channels & Trunking

Unsightly computer cables, intercom and EPABX cabling can be securely and aesthetically routed through konseal® range of PVC channels and trunking. Manufactured to international standards, konseal® PVC Channels and Trunking are long lasting, working efficiently. These channels and trunking offer the snap locking facility and withstands temperature up to 60° C and Voltage up to 2000 volts. They are also fire and impact resistant. All these features make konseal® PVC Channels and trunking extra ordinary special.

PVC Fittings

PVC Conduit Fittings

konseal® range of PVC conduit fittings conforming to IS : 3419 are manufactured in 100% PVC, that too virgin. Hence these fittings are 100% safe, durable and resistant to fire and electric shock. They also withstand temperature up to 60 degree Celsius and voltage up to 2000 Volts. konseal® Junction Boxes are fitted with rust free stainless steel screws. These features make konseal® PVC Conduit Fittings perfect and un-comparable.

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The konseal® range of high quality PVC products are brought to you by one of South India's top manufacturing houses. konseal® specializes in PVC Wiring Pipes, Fittings and PVC Channels and Trunking. konseal® has become the product of choice for responsible engineers and quality conscious end-users alike.

With its highly organised network of dealers and it is not surprising that konseal® rules for wide spread availability, reliability and affordability. Like the material that konseal® dedicates itself to PVC, the company has proven itself to be tough enough to withstand market pressures - and resilient enough to adapt to all kinds of market conditions.

Only Virgin PVC goes into the making of konseal® - offering better quality, better fire resistance, better shock resistance and 100% recyclable, thus making it environment friendly.


What has been said


“ It is certified that PVC Conduit Pipe of different sizes of ‘konseal’ brand products for electrical wiring is being used in the ongoing project under this office”

Major M.L Thangarajan
Garrison Engineer 
MES, Fort Kochi,Ministry of Defence.


This is to certify that "konseal pipes" manufactured by M/s Tubes & Tubings , Kochi is an approved brand of PVC pipes in CPWD for electrical wiring.This pipe is widely used CPWD works in Kerala



Certified that "konseal" Brand ISI marked rigid PVC Conduits manufactured by M/s Tubes & Tubings is used widely for various works under this sub division and quality of the product is good.

Asst.Executive Engineer
PWD Electrical Sub Division


We hereby certify that we are using "konseal" brand ISI marked PVC conduits manufactured by M/s Tubes & Tubings in our projects at Trivandrum.

Lt Col (Retd) PRS Nair
Executive Director
RDS Project Ltd


Our Quality Policy

We are committed to achieve and maintain absolute customer satisfaction through  a synergy of employee empowement and continual improvement and  committed to  satisfy applicable  requirements.


konseal® has won approvals from Government departments like | PWD (Govt. of Kerala) | CPWD (Govt. of India) | Directorate General of Supplies & Disposal (Govt of India) | Indian Railways | BSNL | Military Engineering Service | Cochin Port Trust | Cochin International Airport Ltd. (CIAL) | Cochin Shipyard Various associations like | Kerala Electric Traders Association (KETA) | Kerala Electric Wiremen and Supervisors Association (KEWSA) | AKLSWA and ESLWA too have recommended konseal®

ISO Certification

Tubes & Tubings has become an ISO Certified unit in October 2004. Certification was done by Intertek Certifications Limited, UK under UKAS accreditation, which is one of the prestigious accreditation boards worldwide.

Approved By

PWD Kerala
CPWD Kerala
DGS D-Govt of India
Indian Railways
Military Engineering Service
Cochin Port Trust
Cochin International Airport